Indian Valley-Greenville

Indian Valley, which includes the communities of Greenville, Taylorsville, Crescent Mills and Canyon Dam, is rich in beauty and history. Surrounded by a stunning mountain backdrop, the valley is dotted with ranches, old barns and grazing cattle. The most alluring aspect of this verdant meadow is its serenity. Quiet roadways and beautiful vistas make Indian Valley one of the best spots in the county to take a scenic drive, especially during the spring and fall.

The valley also is popular with bicyclists and hand gliders, and is the setting for a number of yearly bike rides and races.

The Maidu Indians were the valley's original inhabitants, and their influence on the region has provided a unique cultural background.

Greenville, the largest community, offers a full range of business and service establishments, as well as overnight lodging. It also is home of the Gold Digger Days celebration held each July to commemorate the area's vivid gold mining past. Visitors can take a self guided walking tour of Greenville's historic Main Street to learn more about the town's origins. On the tour, visit the newly-opened Cy Hall Memorial Museum.

Round Valley Reservoir, located three miles above Greenville, is a warm water fishery containing bass and bluegill, and it is a popular place to bring children because they're sure to make a catch.

Crescent Mills, a tiny community nestled against the valley's western edge, was a mining boomtown between 1862 and 1882. Today it boasts a nine hole golf course, a deli and a gift shop. 

Indian Falls, located off Highway 89 south of Crescent Mills, is worth taking the steep 100 yard trail to view. The trail also leads to a favorite local swimming hole on Indian Creek.

Canyon Dam serves as the gateway to Lake Almanor's southern shore, and has camping, cabins and a few stores.

The charming settlement of Taylorsville, on the way to popular Antelope Lake, has changed little since it was founded in 1852. Several period buildings and ranches remain and along with the Indian Valley Museum offer visitors a rare glimpse of yesteryear. Taylorsville is a favorite spot for visitors during the summer months. The town becomes a mecca for cowboys over the Fourth of July, when the Silver Buckle Rodeo comes to town. Also featured are a parade and arts and crafts fair. Taylorsville is home to a community campground and picnic site east of town, and a grange hall renowned for its unique spring-loaded dance floor.

From there, itís a spectacular scenic drive to the lake, passing through the picturesque village of Genesee with its unique country store.

Small alpine lakes, over 100 resident bird species and good spots for fossil and rock hunting are among the other attractions of Indian Valley. Numerous camping facilities, a number of motels and restaurants and other amenities are there to welcome visitors to this restful retreat.

For more information about Indian Valley, visit Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce, or call (530) 284-6633.