Barn Quilt Trail

The Great American Barn Quilt Trail has come west to Plumas County! The idea started in 2001 in Ohio by a daughter wanting to honor her mother's Appalachian heritage by having a painted quilt hung on her barn. Quilt trails have now spread to 48 states and Canada. The citizens of Plumas County are helping to keep this tradition alive and growing.

Barn QuiltFollowing the Barn Quilt Trail will reveal the history and beauty that 1850's settlers found during those crazy gold rush days. It will enrich your sense of wonder at their courage. It will also bring you unexpected delight as you travel throughout the county, taking in meadows filled with wildflowers in the spring, awesome fall colors, lush fields filled with grazing horses and cows, all on our traffic-free back roads and highways. We hope that you will find yourself on the magic of the barn quilt trail soon!

Follow the Barn Quilt Trail map here.  (This map is a work in progress)